Una lista de paginas web para MP3 gratis

Aquí una lista de mas de una veintena de paginas webs que ofrecen música en formato MP3 gratis que puedes descargar libre y legalmente a tu ordenador.

Name registration remark
3 Hive no review site with downloads and streams
Altsounds no great assortment, not all songs downloadable
Amazon Music Downloads yes

Ampcast no only streaming
Archive.org Netlabels no

Artistopia no downloading and streaming
Audiostreet no Streaming and Downloading
Audiri no great assortment, not all songs downloadable
Bluebeat yes only streaming
CC Mixter no only mixes
Cd Baby no only streaming
Feels like Christmas no christmas music
Classic Cat no provides links to download sites
Dance Industries no

Digitalsounds no downloads and streams, german language
Dmusic no downloads and streams
Download.com no

Epitonic no Streaming and Downloading
Etree Live Concerts no bittorrent downloads
Etree Live Music no only live music
Foem no

Free Kids Songs no songs for children
Free Sound Project no free sound samples
Garageband no good selection, hard to navigate
Gigatracks no downloads and streams
Into Music no downloads and streams
Iuma no

Jamendo no bittorent or emule downloads
Kahvi no

Karadar no classic music only
Legal Torrents no bittorent downloads
Magnatune no downloads and streaming
Mixposure no

Mp3.com.au no downloads and streams
Mp3 Jackpot no downloads
Muzie no japanese site
Overclocked Remix no computer and video game remixes
Oddio Overplay no links to artists homepages
Oggle no google like search engine
One Netlabel no

Op Sound no

Purevolume no

Remixwars yes electronic music
Singfish no only streaming, lots of known bands
Soundclick no few downloads, mostly streaming
Soundlift no streaming and downloading
Starfrosch no german site
Superhits no german, mostly german songs
Tonspion no german site
United Bands no

Vitaminic no only streaming
Weed Files no only wma

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